Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A very creative family....

Miranda Earle Designs

Whew! It's been a big week and it's only mid way through! Market week is always massive.. perhaps a bit of meditation is in order! My blogging brain is not in the sharpest of form so I'll only be brief!

We have some lovely new stalls coming this Saturday which is exciting and I always look forward to seeing what our new artists and designers actually have on their fabulous tables!! Its always a dangerous time if I have money in my pocket!!

I'm also excited that this Saturday Miranda Earle returning to Olive Tree after having her second child. Miranda and her partner Justin Montefiore are incredibly talented people and not just in one area. Miranda teaches, performs in theatre and is a screen printed/designer/textile artist. They are only the talents I know about so there is probably a whole other bag of things she does. Justin is a musician and makes amazing instruments and we are very lucky when he plays some of them at the market. Notice I say some!!

Anyway I'm very glad Miranda is back because she does such original work and Olive Tree is a more interesting place when she's around.

Oh dear! I'm burnt out already so it's over and out for tonight!

Miranda Earle Designs

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