Monday, June 27, 2011

I must say 'Blossom & Cat' are a big favourite at the moment!

Blossom & Cat has been a regular stallholder this year at The Olive Tree Market. I really love what creator Helen does with her handmade 'creatures' and sewing kits. You only have to take a little look at the images below to see how cute her work is! Blossom & Cat uses new, rescued and vintage fabrics which you can either buy as little works of art or as sewing kits to create for yourself at home. I'm really looking forward to getting in first this Saturday so I can buy one of Helen's new brooches myself!! To celebrate winter she has created heart and owl brooches from recycled winter blankets and they are totally gorgeous!! Come and check them out- but I wouldn't leave it too late!! If you would like to have a look at the Blossom & Cat website click here!

Recycled Blanket Heart Brooches

Sewing Kits

I Heart You Brooches

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