Friday, June 24, 2011

Miss Di Jones is very clever!!

Ice Skating Fifties Princess copyright  'Sketch & Jones'

Well its been a bit of a crazy week in the lead-up to next weeks market but I had a little reprieve when I visited two of our talented stall-holders for a little bit of help with my blog. Di & Anita happen to be sisters and I went to their house for the very first time and was mightily impressed by their hive of creativity!! Di is the clever lady behind 'sketch & jones' and Anita is the alchemist behind the delicious macaroons and cupcakes that you find at olive tree. 

So!! into their house and through a magic curtain I entered their kitchen/living room. In front of me were trays of glimmering macaroons- very glossy and delicious did they look!! I was lucky enough to sample the chocolate and pink ones and I really think you should head on down to the next market and snap some up!!

But I'm getting off track. My visit was partially for Di to give me some pointers on how to work the design panels that must be mastered for successful blogging. I'm ashamed to say I walked away not having written down more than a few words. Di very nicely said I should come back another time with a project to complete. Miss Jones kindly solved one of my problems, last night she worked some magic, and the pretty flags you know see on my page were rendered by her crafty hands.

Anyway... You should flick on over to Miss Jones blog to look at all her wonderful illustrations, images and fabric artworks. Her illustrations are some of my favourite things at Olive Tree and often evoke favourite childhood memories with a twist.

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