Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Perhaps a blog about Olive Tree would be a little more fun...

We started a website last year for The Olive Tree Market and while it looks very pretty I really think I am more suited to blogging!! That and I'm a bit of a ludite and all that uploading and upkeep was frankly a little overwhelming!

Did you know that The Olive Tree Market has been running since 2008 and has over 100 talented handmade artisans as stallholders?! Our stallholders are an eclectic bunch and represent a whole lot of disciplines! Printmaking, photography, silver smiths, fashion, textile arts, kids handmade toys & clothes, jewellery, woodwork, blacksmithing and more...

So!! over the next little while I will start blogging about our fantastic market and i'll introduce you to some of our creative and talented artists and designers.

First off the rank is Jo Dyer, from happily ever afternoon, who is an amazing illustrator and currently is having a solo exhibition at The Roost Creative in Newcastle. Her Blog is here

I'm already the proud owner of a number of Jo's beautifully whimsical prints and can't wait to see her exhibition.

So, this is the first little post. I have a lot to do. Design and ideas and a whole lot more but I'm looking forward to it.... Let me know if there is anything you would like to hear about!

Jo Dyer brooches 'happily ever afternoon'

Jo Dyer Little Paintings 'happily ever afternoon'

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  1. Hello from your first "follower" I've never been first at that before! Good luck with the blog. I used to be a novocastrian (well Port Stephens) but not anymore. When I'm back visiting my family I'll hopefully pop by the markets.
    Love those brooches by Jo Dyer.
    Cheers, Katie.