Friday, June 17, 2011

newcastle has pretty sunsets...

It's is freezing outside!! But very beautiful too... Sometimes when the sky is like this i'm very glad that i can rug up and walk along the breakwall. I think its my favourite place in Newcastle and a good walk in the cold is good for the spirit!! Sometimes anyway! The sky was very pretty and really thats all that matters. I'm old enough to remember the beautiful sunsets we used to have when the steelworks was still here- all that pollution was great for the sunsets!?! I think I prefer the ones now.

These photo were taken with my phone which is really still a revelation to me. I do have a new camera though and I hope to start using my eye again. Once a pona time, as my 8 year old spells it, I used to be a photographer!! Perhaps writing this blog will inspire me to start using my camera a little more.

I do always take photos at The Olive Tree Market but sometimes its hard to be creative when you are rushing about in 'Market Manager' mode. We are always looking for photographers. It has actually been hard to find them so if you are one, an artistic one, please drop me a line.....

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