Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's a new phase at Olive Tree...

Today I visited my lovely designer Gwena Levasseur, she is the clever lady who designed all the material for Red Lantern Night Market last year. Anyway, she will make the Olive Tree blog a little less basic next week, which will be nice, as it really isn't my forte!

I'm busy working away for the next market on July 2nd and for the first time it's on my lonesome! My co-creators of The Olive Tree Market, the lovely Bec Thomson and Ally Buchanan, are my partners in crime no more. The girls have opened a fantastic cafe One Penny Black so have made the hard decision to leave Olive Tree. It's been a dream of theirs for many years, to open a cafe, so we made the decision that I would continue Olive Tree on my own.

While we are all sad that this project is ending we are also excited that we are entering a new phase of our creative lives. Anyway, I'll miss those crazy sisters as collaborators but I'm sure we will work on projects together in the future. It really has been a wonderful partnership and we are all so proud of what we have created with The Olive Tree Market. So!!! Go and check out their wonderful cafe- its a funky lit bit of Melbourne in the Hunter St Mall.

Anyway... I am really excited by this new phase of The Olive Tree Market and will be doing lots of new things in the coming months.

A little bit about the next market. Nick & Liesl who are a fantastic 'folkish' duo will be playing on July 2nd. They are just back from a very successful tour around Australia and we are lucky that they will be doing their only gig in Newcastle at The Olive Tree Market before heading off on a tour in Europe. They have just released their second album, and its been getting some great airplay, so come and have a listen!!

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