Monday, August 8, 2011

Saturday was fantastico!!!

What a beautiful day was Saturday!! I was trying to avoid the weather maps all week, although I did ask the weather gods to be nice, and thankfully they were listening. The market really seems to be thriving and evolving in lots of positive ways right now which is really heartening. The handmade wave is certainly in full swing, another of my mixed metaphors, and it really is the time to try and promote Newcastle's artisan community.

                                                       Diana Bower Camera brooch

I've been trying to think of new ways to get the word out about The Olive Tree Market so on Saturday I had filmmaker Neil Mansfield come to the market to make a little film about our talented community. I'm very excited about it as Neil has a great eye, and not only makes films, but as I've learnt of late is a very talented photographer. So... I'll hopefully have a lovely film to share with everyone very soon!! Some things from Saturday!!!

                            The Lovely Grace Turner

We were very lucky to have the lovely Grace Turner singing for a good few hours. She really has a gorgeous voice and hopefully she may have a CD some time soon so you can buy one the next time she plays at Olive Tree!!

                                                                  Copyright Tom Croft

We were also very lucky to have Indigenous Artist Tom Croft at the market for the first time and judging from the overwhelming response Tom received he is going to be a very popular stall-holder which is really fantastic!

                                                                        Elkorn Design
Elkhorn was at Olive Tree for the first time with their beautiful screen printed pillows and fabrics with flowers and feathers. Its great that we are starting to have a strong section dedicated to hand screenprinted work- both fashion and special things for your home. I really don't like the word 'homewares' it sounds like a word from a 80's housewife with big hair!!! Anyway... we seem to have more and more talented people wanting to join the market and thats fantastic!!

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