Wednesday, August 3, 2011

keeping up is a little tricky!

                                     Copyright Tom Croft

All the good intentions for blogging sometimes just go pear shaped!! Perhaps the problem is taking on other projects and spreading the love a little too thin! It’s that time again with the August Olive Tree just two days away. We have some first time stallholders this Saturday that I'm a little excited about!! Local Indigenous painter Tom Croft will be under the COLA and I'm really looking forward to seeing his beautiful paintings in the flesh and also to having an Indigenous artist at Olive Tree. Thats one of Toms' artworks above. We will also have photographers Frost and Roxburgh Studio with their unique photo booth which should be a lot of fun! You can dress up in some of their quirky gear, be photographed on the spot, then have a photograph or postcard printed. You can be your own work of art!! I'll post one after Saturday’s market! We will also have Elkhorn who design and screen-print lovely home wares and fashion and the fun and vibrant The Hare and the Tortoise who make gorgeous kids softies, clothing and other fun things!! So, lots happening people… Earthen Rhythms are playing as is the gorgeous Grace Turner and the talented strings trio Sorella Strings. There will also be some yummy new food including Indonesian, Spanish and gorgeous Cupcakes from The Sweet Boutique!! Hope to see you at Olive Tree!

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  1. I find that I get too bogged down in everyday life and neglect my blog so much that by the time I get back to it there is too many topics I want to blog about. Eep!
    But re:the market, I'm so there! Is my first time coming but I've heard awesome things so am stupidly excited :)