Sunday, September 25, 2011

the ebb and flow of markets...

Markets are a funny old world. Although there is a lot of organisation that goes on, in some ways you have to be fluid in the way you approach the whole shebang, otherwise you'd go nuts!! As an organiser you see artists come and go, and that is a good thing in the long run, as people need to go away, travel, take a break or whatever else they do to get the creative muse happening.

Some of my favourite people are heading on back to Olive Tree this month which is great!! Carl Brett from Scrounge Art is back after having time off to work on new projects and have exhibitions.

The lovely Alison Bodman, one of the first Olive Tree stallholders, is back from Melbourne and its great to have her back in the hood. Alison is also working at One Penny Black and Makespace no shrinking violet is she!

Emily Rose is back after travelling in Europe with a beautiful series of work titled Sleepy Europe.

We also have some great new stallholders this month which is always exciting but potentially dangerous to my moneybox. The Blissful Brush will be there as will Eddie Botha and Flamboyant Joe. Hope to see you all under the olive tree- rain, hail or shine!!!

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