Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Welcome to Olive Tree 2013!

Its been a while since I've been on the blog so hello and welcome to 2013 at The Olive Tree Market! It's not that I have absent, rather its been a very busy few months, and the blog has been last on the list!! I'll be more dedicated from now on! Promise....

There is always so much going on in the Newcastle art scene especially for a city of this size. Sometimes its easy to get a little side tracked. So yes, time to focus! There are some great things in the pipeline for Olive Tree in 2013 but things are still incubating so more on those when things become a little clearer. There will be lots of features about our artists and designers coming your way soon too!

Our first market for 2013 was actually cancelled for the first time in 41/2 years, which was very disappointing, especially since we are Rain, Hail or Shine! It all got a little bit Wizard of Oz with the wind and we had marquees lifting and flying through the air so as a matter of public safety we all went home! So please don't think a little rain bothers the Olive Tree community because we have had lots of gumboot worthy markets in the past and will be on in future if its raining!

So, next week Saturday March 2nd is our official first market for 2013. The stallholders have had a very rainy market start to 2013 so I'm hoping it will be a beautiful day for them! There is lots of new work that will be popping up on the day so make sure you come along and hang out at Olive Tree because our artists & designers have missed you!

Oh and this is our fancy new stallholder poster. Hope you like it! Once again lovely work by our designer Gwenaelle Levasseur.

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