Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Christmas Poster Competition Finalists Exhibition

Drum roll!! These are the Finalists of the first The Olive Tree Market Christmas Poster Competition! All of the finalists came up with fantastic designs! Thanks so much for the creative effort! To allow our lovely sponsors Imprint, Eckersley's Art & Craft & The Star to give us their Vote the Winner will now be announced on November 4th. This will give you more time to see the exhibition as we have had lots of people tell us they would love to vote for a 'people's choice' award!

So let us know which of the posters you love most! Please leave your name, email address and which poster you Vote for at: or you can also Vote at Suspension Cafe on Beaumont St Islington in Newcastle from this Saturday. 

One voter will win a $50 Olive Tree Gift Voucher! 

Thank-you for all the additional applicants who took the time to create a poster- it was lots of fun looking at them as they hit the Olive Tree inbox! 

Emily Boyd

Zoe Tjanavaras

Angie Goto

Haidee Perkins

Robyn McPherson

Di Jones

Emily Rose

Alicia Buck

Gwena Levasseur

Belinda Suzette

Dan Phelan

Chrissy Lau

Lotte Schoutens

Lucy Boulton Smith

Fiona Budzynski

Nia Katzmarski

Amanda Safranko

Bridie Watt

Deanna Maree Pamenter

Megan Johns Kane

Kate Lamont

Emma Kidd

Jen Palmer 

Alisha Hinds

Dan Phelan

Alexandra Kachel

Liz Anelli

Margie Balazic

Alisha Hinds

Lee Isherwood


  1. Oh my! How will you ever decide on just one! Such a fab idea. They all look so GREAT.

  2. OMG!!!! They are all SO amazing!! :) awesome job all you clever peeps!! hard decision but my favourite would probably be Haidee Perkins :)

  3. Gosh they are all SO great I can't decide!!!!

  4. WOW some crackers in there! So hard to decide...