Monday, May 14, 2012

Back on deck! I think! And new stuff!

It's been a really busy few months and my blogging has gone out the window!! Sometimes family life takes precedence and it seems the blog is the space that suffers in my life anyway. Perhaps because I'm still trying to find my blogging voice for Olive Tree. Do I talk only about the market, focusing on stalls and all thing Olive Tree or do other aspects of life come into the mix that are connected to the spirit of the market but a little left of field?! Haven't really worked that out as yet!! If you have a view on that let me know. To start things off here is some new stuff from this months market that I loved!!

Etched Glassware

Very cool earrings!

Shiny Bag

I want to ride my bicycle

Unbelievably its mid May and June's market is on the horizon!! The last few markets have seen lots of new things happening at Olive Tree! New stalls, a bigger food section and a new partnership with Lizottes who have started organising the music each month with acts that will play at Lizottes Newcastle Venue and also emerging artists. To add to this we will continue to have our drumming from local groups like the fabulous Earthen Rhythms & young ensembles like Sorella Strings and our talented little trio of harpists.

Its great having the new gourmet food stalls but I'm still trying to source a great bread and pastry stall!! I want something really special with delicious bread and goodies made from high quality, and if possible, organic produce. So if you are reading this and have an idea or know of such a stallholder please let me know. For all of your food lovers we now have lots of delicious take home food products/stallholders: Little Cossack Kefir who make a totally amazing drink think Ginger Beer full of spices, Wozz! Kitchen Creations, Pureblends, Arolyn Grove, Wattlecreek, Bon Chai, Tea by Grete, Riverflats plus all our regular food stalls.

I went on a little twenty four hour trip to Melbourne before the May Market and was lucky enough to visit the Finders Keepers Market which has found a new home in Melbourne at the absolutely beautiful Melbourne Exhibition Building. Talk about the perfect location for a indoor market! If only I could wish such a place into being in Newcastle. We have some wonderful old spaces in Newcastle that could be fantastic if some major money was put into making them safe spaces to use but money is always the issue..  Places like this!

Anyway! It was my first visit to Finders Keepers and it was totally fantastic. Great Stalls, wonderful atmosphere and interesting people to speak with. As happens within the first few minutes I ran into some Olive Tree Stallholders! Jo Dyer from Happily Ever Afternoon, Robyn McPherson from Miss Print and Helen from Blossom & Cat!! Collective consciousness is a funny thing! We are having a bit of a 'creative' migration from Olive Tree to Melbourne at the moment, as happens when young artists need to spread their wings, but this always makes room for other upcoming artists so things do go full circle...

I'll make sure I blog a little more this month and let you know what will be happening at Junes market. I had a meeting with Di Jones from Sketch & Jones, Zoe Tjanavaras from Oscar & Matilda and Bec Carver from  Frankie Small last week and we brained stormed about the market and what we can do better and how we can make it more interesting. Trish from Miss Fancypants and Wanderlust Clothing was there in spirit and sent notes! It was a fun meeting and some great ideas were discussed so stay tuned on that front!! Anyway! We met at Bank Corner Cafe and if you haven't been there yet you should check it out. It's a very cute little hole in the wall cafe started by the original creator of Golbergs in Cooks Hill. Great coffee, food and good music to be had. Don't leave it to long as its becoming very popular.

Thats it for tonight...


  1. Thanks for this great post--I used to live at Bank Corner when I first got my job at Goldies and was homeless... The owner you are referring to gave me my job and then a home ;)

    On another note was wondering if I could chat to you about a casual market stall.. Sorry, don't have gmail and was wondering how best to get in touch... You should get my details from this comment if you get a chance would love to suss things out :)

  2. Thats a good story to hear Helen. Good deeds have a long lasting effect. If you are interested i having a stall best to email me and let me know what you would like to do and send through images of your work if possible. Try the hotmail:
    Thanks for your message. Maybe speak with you soon! Justine